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Aviator is a popular game that simulates the flight of an airplane. The player feels himself in the role of a pilot. The goal is to raise your plane to the maximum altitude. This gambling entertainment gives unforgettable emotions and the opportunity to win a large sum of money. The odds in Aviator can go up to x50 and even x100! This gives an opportunity to win 5 or even 10 thousand from a bet of 100 rubles.

But in order to win, it is necessary to stop the flight in time and take the money before the altitude gain stops and the airplane flies away. After all, with the cessation of the flight up, the bets are burned.

Thus, the higher the odds – the greater the risk! After all, as the airplane rises into the sky, the chances increase that it will fly away and the bets won’t play. But at the same time the coefficient is growing, and you do not want to stop there! Such gaming excitement has made Aviator favorite game of many fans of online casinos.



In the preparatory period of the game, which lasts 5 seconds, players make bets. If you play quickly, you can have time to make two bets at the same time. Then the round begins.

The duration of the round in the game is small – usually 5-20 seconds. But it can be even less if the plane flies away at a small odds. Or it can be long, and then the stakes can increase by 100 times or more.

The game starts when the plane starts to take off. At the moment of takeoff the game coefficient is equal to one, when the plane rises, it increases. The higher the plane rises, the higher the coefficient.

The round ends when the plane stops climbing and flies away. Bets that have not been played during this time will be lost. The same players who managed to pick up the money are happy with their winnings.




The gameplay of Aviator is simple and intuitive. To start playing, all you have to do is figure out how to bet and how to cash out.




To bet money in the Aviator game, you need to select an amount and click on “Bet”. If you want to make two bets at the same time for one round, you can quickly add a second betting panel. On it repeat the action: enter the amount and click on the button. Before the start of the round, you can cancel the bet by clicking on “Cancel”. After the game has started, to do this is no longer possible.

To take the money at the current odds, it is enough to click on the button “Cashout”. Or the inscription “Cash out” – the name of the button may vary depending on the selected institution. The bet is instantly played and the player gets his winnings.


Since little time is given for betting before the start of the round, many players prefer to make it automatically. This allows you to get rid of the rush and the same actions. To connect Autoplay, simply go to “Auto” and select the desired size bet. It will be put automatically at the beginning of each round, until the player wants to stop Autoplay.

Autoplay allows you to automatically stop the game and close the bet as soon as the coefficient reaches the desired value. It is set there – in the “Auto” section. The function is convenient for those players who can not cope with the excitement and stop the game on time.

It is important to remember that if only Autoplay is connected, the cashout in each round should be pressed independently. And vice versa, if the option “Autocashout” is connected, you need to bet independently. These functions can be connected at the same time, and then make the same type of action is not necessary. This feature allows you to watch the game and enjoy it, without worrying about the fact that you can not have time to press the button.

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